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    Waterford "The Cuvée" Single Malt Irish Whiskey


    Waterford "The Cuvée" Single Malt Irish Whiskey

    The Waterford Distillery was created in 2015 by converting a former Guinness Brewery in Waterford, in the very south of Ireland. The distillery's founder Mark Reynier was formerly the mastermind behind the rebuilding of Bruichladdich, the famed Islay Distillery. The former wine merchant approaches Whisky production in a similar way to wine production. He wants to capture the terroir of the grain in his Whisky.

    About The Cuvée:

    We rigorously apply the ancient terroir methodology to today’s verdant landscape of Ireland, home of the world’s finest barley. Now for the first time in single malt whisky - unashamedly inspired by the legendary château of France - we reach the apogee of this radical philosophy.

    The Cuvée, a synthesis of Single Farm Origins, an enigmatic gestalt, a milestone in our journey. The definitive Waterford Whisky. Our LodeStar.

    Tasting Notes:

    Pepper up front with oily spiciness that softens, starts dry but then gets mouth-watering & lingers where I close my eyes and relax!

    Appearance: gold, sunrise, intense oils

    Taste: clove sweets, white pepper, oily, grapefruit, lemon zest, dark chocolate, dry toast, cherries, granola bar, dried herbs, aniseed, green olives, marmalade peel

    Nose: red apples, fresh dry soil, breacrust, green foliage, digestive biscuits, oranges, barmbrack, overripe banana skin, summer flower bed, fresh mint, coffee cake




    Producer Waterford


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