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    Vinzas Artas "Nigheddu" Rosso di Barbargia '20


    Vinzas Artas "Nigheddu" Rosso di Barbargia '20

    Traveling into Barbagia, located in central Sardinia, one feels the isolation, after all this is one of the least populated places in Europe. The name Barbagia comes from “Barbarians” and is a name given during Roman times by a Senator from Rome. This was one of the places that the Romans could never overtake and occupy. The people who live in this region take pride in their tough reputation and are extremely proud of where they come from.

    Mamoiada is a small village in the Nuora province that is one of the great terroirs of Sardinia. The pride of Mamoiada is the red grape variety called Cannonau, a synonym for Grenache. The majority of wines produced in Mamoiada are made from old-vine Cannonau. A small amount of white wine is also produced in the granitic soils of the region, from an indigenous variety called Grantaza. 

    Brothers Giorgio and Piercarlo Gaia farm 5 hectares of vineyards, all between the altitudes of 650 to 850 meters. They farm organically and work with naturally low-yielding vines. In total they produce five wines, one white, and four reds, and all are small production. Each of their vineyards produces grapes that show their specific terroir. These are some of the best examples of Grenache from anywhere, whether it be the Southern Rhône, Spain, the United States or Australia. 




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