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    Vinzas Artas "Granatza" Bianco di Barbargia '22


    Vinzas Artas "Granatza" Bianco di Barbargia '22

    In Mamoiada, Sardinia, brothers Giorgio and Piercarlo Gaia farm 5 hectares of vineyards, all between the altitudes of 650 to 850 meters. They farm organically and work with naturally low-yielding vines. In total they produce five wines, one white, and four reds. Each of their vineyards produces grapes that show their specific terroir. Because of this, three of the Vinzas Artas wines are from single vineyards, offering a fascinating study of the Mamoiada terroir.  

    Only around 15 hectares of Granatza are grown in all of Mamoiada, and typically it was a grape so rare it was found interspersed in the same vineyards as the more abundant Cannonau. Today, many producers, including Vinzas Artas, have taken the selection massale from old vineyards and planted Granatza in their vineyards. They make the wine from one hectare of vineyards planted six years ago, but also incorporate some of the very old-vine Granatza from vineyards such as Garaunele.

    The white pours as a light golden color. The aromas initially show an almost Spree candy–like note, but also with lemon oil notes, mineral, and herbs. The weight is medium bodied, but the acidity is high. It has a weightless effect but finishes with a bitter, pithy quality.

    This is an absolutely great white wine for the table. You can pair it with seafood of course, but it works well with meat courses, with pork, veal, or even goat.




    Producer Vinzas Artas


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