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    TOS Distillerie "Humulus" Eau-de-Vie de Bière


    TOS Distillerie "Humulus" Eau-de-Vie de Bière

    Humulus (hops in Latin) is a meticulously crafted beer distillate, showcasing the barley terroir of the region (Hauts-de-France, near France’s border with Belgium) in yet another expression. Distilled from their flagship Réserve Hildegarde Blonde (which is lagered for 28 days), Humulus combines local barley with Strisselspalt and Brewer’s Gold hops; both are noble hops used in traditional Flemish beers. Similar to their Artesia whisky, Humulus is distilled through both the pot and column still on their Holstein alembic, then proofed down with local water to 46% abv. Although the region is famous for its brewing tradition, beer distillates are almost unheard of in the area. In this regard, T.O.S. is creating something completely new and surprising — a vehicle to experience their classical beer transformed into an expressive, elegant eau de vie de bière. T.O.S.’s brewing and distilling expertise inform one another, merging two separate sides of the region’s drinking tradition (as well as the two sides of their business) into a new world of local terroir exploration. (Info courtesy of the importer De Maison Selections)




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