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    Selvagrossa "Libero" Vino Frizzante NV


    Selvagrossa "Libero" Vino Frizzante NV

    We'd like to introduce "Libero," a new wine in the Selagrossa portfolio. Metodo di Scacchi is a historic method of producing a sparkling wine in the Marche region. It's named after Francesco Scacchi, who in 1622 wrote a book that in part outlined a new way to produce sparkling wine. At the time, he even mentioned the health benefits of such a wine.

    Alberto was inspired by the Scacchi method as well as by the practicality of producing this frizzante at Selvagrossa, without the typical tanks and bottling machines necessary for a traditional sparkling wine. 

    Named after Alberto's grandfather, Libero is a blend of 80% Sangiovese and 20% Albanella. They are cofermented in tank with natural yeast. The wine is then put in bottle, along with the frozen must (grazie Scacchi!), and it referments in bottle under a crown cap. No disgorgement, sold just as is. 

    This is technically a "frizzante" wine, with only two bars of pressure. 

    The wine is delicious. Light, floral, with hints of both citrus and stone fruit. It is dangerously easy to drink!

    Alberto made only a few hundred bottles in its second vintage, and you will not find "Libero" anywhere outside the Marche. It is a great value!




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