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    Origen Raíz Mezcal Arroqueño "Edición 3"


    Origen Raíz Mezcal Arroqueño "Edición 3"

    Rancho El Ojo is a pristine ranch in Durango and the birthplace of Origen Raíz. The ranch lies just outside the Sierra de Organos National Park at an elevation of approximately 6,350 feet. It is owned by the Saravia family, who act as stewards of the land to conserve the balance and rejuvenate the health of the grassland ecosystem. With an abundance of agave and dasylirion, this certified wildlife preserve also presented a wonderful opportunity to make sustainable mezcals and sotols.

    Don Valentín Cortés, with his knowledge of traditional mezcal from Oaxaca, joined the Saravia family to build Viñata El Ojo. The two families now produce mezcal and sotol with much love and respect for their culture and heritage. Origen Raíz is the Cortés family’s first mezcal produced outside their home state of Oaxaca. You might be familiar with their other mezcals: El Jolgorio, Nuestra Soledad, and Agave de Cortés.

    The Origen Raíz Arroqueño is the second in a series of expressions from the Valles Centrales region of Oaxaca. Guided by Don Valentín Cortés' family tradition and his own inspiration, each will be a unique release made at his home palenque in Santiago Matatlán.

    Agave: Arroqueño
    Mezcalero: Don Valentín Cortés
    Roast: Conical earthen pit; black oak
    Crushing Method: Tahona wheel
    Fermentation: Pine vats; wild yeast; with bagasso (cooked and pulped agave fibers)
    Still Style: Alembic copper
    Distillation: Double distilled

    About Arroqueño: Arroqueño is a massive agave that can take 18-25 years to mature. It is primarily found growing wild in the rural regions of Oaxaca. It produces a mezcal with intense aromas but soft flavors on the palate.




    Producer Origen Raíz del Espíritu


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