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    Lokita Mezcal Tobalá


    Lokita Mezcal Tobalá

    Tequila Lokita is handcrafted, small batch tequila made from the highest quality Blue Weber Agave. The agaves are selected by Master Distiller Armando Orozco in terms of sugar content and desired profile. They can be up to seven years old and are mainly harvested during the dry season (from January to April) to let the flavors flourish to their maximum potential. The agaves are slowly cooked in masonry ovens to reinforce the intense expression of their notes. It is double distilled with a mix of copper pot stills and distillation columns to provide the perfect smoothness on the palate.

    Elaborated with Maguey Tobala (Agave Potatorum Zucc). It is distilled twice in copper stills. Tobalá Agave maturity occurs at twelve years for optimal harvest, under extreme natural conditions.

    Aromas : Fruity to the nose. Pineapple and apple notes with a touch of herbal and fresh aromas (citrus and cucumber seeds). Ending with a touch of ash and cloves notes.

    Palate: The attack is frank to the palate, rounded, full-bodied. A complex assemblage of citric and spicy flavors.

    Finish: An intense and smoky aftertaste reveals the sweetness of ripe agave.




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