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    Le Rocher Distillery "Clairin Le Rocher" (2021 Harvest)


    Le Rocher Distillery "Clairin Le Rocher" (2021 Harvest)

    Clairin Le Rocher is produced by Bethel Romelus in Pignon, a village in the central north of Haiti. Produced from sirop de canne, the raw material is made from juice that is concentrated on a traditional batterie – a process that extends the shelf life while maintaining the distinctive features of the raw material.

    Three different sugar cane varieties are used to produce the syrup, which then undergoes fermentation similar to the tradition of Grand Arôme: the residual material left in the pot after distillation (often called dunder, backset or stillage) is added back to the fermenting wash. This addition allows highly intense aromas to develop during fermentation, which are easily identified in the finished spirit. Le Rocher is characteristic of a heavy richness and an intriguing smokey barbeque- like sweetness.

    Le Rocher is represented by the painting found on the walls of the famous Hotel Florita in Jacmel.

    Profile: Richness of body and concentration.

    Top: Citrus peel, tangy barbeque, fresh pine,

    Heart: Ripe papaya, chewing gum, earth.

    Base: Buttercream, burnt caramel, roasted meat.




    Producer Distillery Le Rocher


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