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    Laurent Cazottes Coing Sauvage - Quince Sweet Wine (375 ml)


    Laurent Cazottes Coing Sauvage - Quince Sweet Wine (375 ml)

    Laurent Cazottes is one of the most important and diligent farms in all of France. Located in south-Central France, in the Tarn region, he farms a variety of fruit and grapes. Everything is farmed organically with biodynamic practices, with much of the orchards planted in limestone soil. Not only is he a meticulous farmer, but he is a hardcore, attention-to-detail distiller.

    Here is a special fruit liqueur from Cazottes.

    “Passing wild quince from our countryside. In bushes and hedges, they are very difficult to pick well yellow or overripe.

    Most often going from green to rotten, they are equipped and seeded with a chopper and then by hand. Then, they macerate for a long time in wild quince marc and wine brandy. Slightly sweet, this liqueur finds its balance in a hint of original bitterness.

    This liquor is also called wild quince water.”




    Producer Laurent Cazottes


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