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    Lamata De Castilla "Nuevo Leon" Destilado de Agave


    Lamata De Castilla "Nuevo Leon" Destilado de Agave

    Lamata De Castilla is produced by distiller Jorge Torres in Santiago, Nuevo Leon using Agave Americana and fermented with pulque. The agaves are cooked in an underground oven and mashed with wooden mallets. The agave fibers are fermented with pulque from the same agaves. Next it is doubled-distilled in copper alembic pot stills. The final distillate is adjusted with heads and tails.

    This agave spirit is distilled in the colder mountain regions of Santiago a few hours outside of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Due to the colder climate, a large amount of pulque is added to the fermentation instead of water, the final mix is about 40% roasted agave fiber and 60% pulque. The main agave in this region is “De Castilla” – Agave Americana. There is also some Agave Asperrima “Cenizo” and Agave Gentry. There is some hybridization between the Agave Americana and the Asperrima, and a good amount of genetic variation within the Americana variety itself. These producers hand mash the cooked agave in a small rock lined pit with a wooden mallet (seen in drawing on front label). The addition of large amounts of pulque to the fermentation makes this mezcal incredibly unique in terms of aroma and flavor.




    Producer Lamata De Castilla


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