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    La Brújula Sardines "N.34" in Olive Oil

    La Brújula Sardines "N.34" in Olive Oil

    Fish From the Market. We only buy seasonal fish and seafood, and only at the times that will yield the highest-quality products. We are particularly demanding when it comes to the origin of raw materials. We only use Galician seafood and fish from the Bay of Biscay. As we make a living from the sea, we are highly committed to its protection: we advocate sustainable fishing and obey closed seasons and catch limits. Furthermore, we buy fresh products and bring them back to our premises from the fish markets with great – even loving – care.

    Sustainably captured at dawn in their Atlantic fishing grounds using traditional fishing methods. We select small specimens and carefully clean them, cutting the head and fins and gutting them one by one. After cleaning in brine, they are steam-cooked and packed, also naturally.




    Producer La Brújula


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