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    Kyoto Distillery KI NO BI "GO" 5th Anniversary Release Dry Gin


    Kyoto Distillery KI NO BI "GO" 5th Anniversary Release Dry Gin

    This limited bottling celebrates the fifth anniversary of Kyoto Distillery’s Ki No Bi gin (“go” is Japanese for five). Kyoto Distillery is the country’s first dedicated gin distillery, established in 2016. The distillery’s gins are made from a rice spirit—creating a rounder, softer mouthfeel—and complemented by the addition of regional botanicals, including yuzu, ginger, and gyokuro green tea from Uji, “Go” differs from the traditional Ki No Bi in the use of Japanese red pine (akamatsu) instead of hinoki (cypress) as a base element. The botanicals were also adjusted to suit the higher ABV at which “Go” is bottled (50% ABV), giving them a bit more lift—the stronger the gin, the more expressive the botanicals’ essential oils are. This gin is a great example of the quality and craftsmanship unique to producers of Japanese spirits, and it’s one of the best we’ve ever tried.




    Producer Kyoto Distillery


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