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    Jung One Gin

    South Korea

    Jung One Gin

    Meaning Garden in Korean, Jung One was created to showcase the beauty of its local botanicals. In addition to the traditional ingredients like juniper, coriander, and citrus peel; local botanicals are utilized as well. Korean Sansho Pepper, baby ginseng, pine needle and perilla leaves take center stage along with their more traditional counterparts. The gin’s base is a single malt spirit that undergoes two copper pot distillations before a twenty-four-hour infusion with its botanicals. After the maceration Jung One gets a final distillation and is botted at 47% abv. The result is a singularly unique Korean Gin full of malty texture and delicate fragrance representative of its terroir. Malty, dry and full body texture that follows citruses of lemon and orange with a hint of spice. (Info from High Road Spirits)


    South Korea


    Producer Three Societies


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