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    Jacoulot "Les Grands Âges" Fine de Bourgogne 20-Year (750ml)


    Jacoulot "Les Grands Âges" Fine de Bourgogne 20-Year (750ml)

    Founded in 1891, Jacoulot began its venerated brandy tradition in the hands of politician, winemaker, and distiller Vincent Jacoulot. The estate, with its Marc de Bourgogne "Authentique" brand, was purchased by Philippe Vançon in 2013 and continues producing according to its oldest traditions. The most important tradition is that Jacoulot brandies are made only from de-stemmed Pinot Noir grapes from top producers in Burgundy’s Côte de Beaune. Using a mobile alembic still, the pomace (Marc) or fine lees (Fine) of de-stemmed Pinot Noir grapes are distilled once to an average of 52% alcohol. After distillation the spirit is transported to Jacoulot’s cellars and left to rest in French oak barrels. 228 liter barriques and 600-700 liter demi-muids are used for élevage, and 10,000 liter foudres are used for blending. The aged spirits are cut with water at blending to produce an alcohol level of between 40-45% depending on the product. No other additives are used.




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