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    Hampden Old Single Jamaican Rum "Great House" Edition 2021


    Hampden Old Single Jamaican Rum "Great House" Edition 2021

    "The very special Hampden Estate is one of the last of the truly old-style Jamaican rums available. The distillery, which long made ends meet selling to blenders and bottlers, has finally released their finest rums under their own label. With the full support of the fabulous Luca Gargano of Velier, Hampden has packaged this exceptional rum with absolutely no additives or adulterants of any kind. Hampden Estate produces rums inoculated with dunder, a process not totally dissimilar from sour mashing in Kentucky, which uses the spent lees of distillation to cultivate flavor-producing bacteria. The muck that's harvested from those pits is added to the fermentation to create one of the most biologically complex worts in the world of distillation, and the resulting spirit is packed full of complex esters. After years of aging in the Caribbean climate, the funky esters develop complexity and depth rarely seen in any rum or spirit of any kind. A truly authentic expression of the unique flavors of Jamaican rum and easily one of the most flavorful and complex products of any kind on the shelf today. The Great House Distillery Edition 2021 is the second edition of their new annual limited release bottling, blended by Hampden Estate's own master distiller, Vivian Wisdom."




    Producer Hampden Estate


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