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    France vs. the Rest of the World

    France vs. the Rest of the World

    Wine tasting

    November 25, 2023

    1167 N Howe St, Chicago, IL 60610

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    Everyone's favorite tasting is back!

    Does France really have the best wine? If you ask a fan of Pinot Noir, they will claim Burgundy to be the best. Asking for great Chenin Blanc, well, one could argue that Saumur is the place to be. The best example of Syrah is Côte-Rô get the point.

    France has an incredible wine legacy, but has the world caught up in terms of quality?

    This blind tasting will feature 10 wines, 5 flights of two wines, one from France, and one from another part of the world. The flights will feature the same varietal or varietals, and we will taste, discuss and vote on our favorite. The winner of each flight will be revealed, and once again we find if France will take the crown in 2023?




    Producer Perman Wine


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    Near North

    Mon–Fri Noon–8 / Sat 11–7
    Closed on Sunday

    1167 N Howe Street
    Chicago, IL 60610

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