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    Flor del Desierto Carnei Venison Pechuga


    Flor del Desierto Carnei Venison Pechuga

    Flor Del Desierto is a collection of sotol made by different producers, regions, and varietals of wild harvested sotol plants from state of Chihuahua. Flor Del Desierto was started by a small group of friends after one of them, Flor, won a baking competition, using sotol as the special ingredient.

    Produced by the master sotelier, José “Chito” Fernandez Flores, Sotol Sierra is a pechuga-style sotol made from 18-to-22-year-old, 100% wild-harvested Dasylirion weeleri, harvested from the forests of the Madera Mountains in Chihuahua, Mexico. Cooked in shallow pits fueled by willow and oak, the plants are then shredded by axe and knife and open-air fermented for 7–9 days in pine wood tanks. The stool undergoes three distillations in traditional copper pot stills. The third distillation introduces a number of botanicals, including star anise, orange, raisin, apple, and walnuts; perhaps most notably, a raw cut of venison (deer) is hung in the pot still’s upper chamber, for traditional reasons both aesthetic and spiritual. 52% ABV.




    Producer Flor del Desierto


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