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    Domaine Boingnères "Folle Blanche" Bas-Armagnac '01


    Domaine Boingnères "Folle Blanche" Bas-Armagnac '01

    The Boingnères estate vineyards cover 22 hectares, 13 of which are planted in Folle Blanche, 4.5 in Colombard and 4.5 in Ugni Blanc, all on sables fauves (iron-rich sand). Average yield per hectare is between 80 and 90 hectolitres. These grapes hit between 8% and 9% alcohol with a high acidity level—perfect for distillation.

    The winery has two Vaslin horizontal presses. The free run juice from the first three pressings sequences is used for distillation. The juice is pumped into the fermentation tanks where yeast is added.

    Sulfur is avoided because it gives the distilled product a bad taste. Instead, the wine is distilled as soon as possible after fermentation,sur lie, which helps give the distillate more finesse and complexity.

    Distilling takes place during the month of November in a continuous Sier still purchased in 1975. This beautiful still, with 9 exiting plates, captures all the fine aromas of the wine. The alcohol comes out at 52%, then the spirit goes into new oak barrels.

    This special bottling is made entirely from the grape Folle Blanche, a favorite of Leon Lafitte. From the 2001 harvest, this was bottled in July of 2021.




    Producer Domaine Boingnères


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