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    Del Amigo Mezcal Artesanal (1 Liter)


    Del Amigo Mezcal Artesanal (1 Liter)

    This is a terrific value Mezcal, perfect for all your cocktails!

    Mezcalero: Enrique Jiménez

    Harvest: Harvest follows the lunar cycle; agave is harvested during a full moon, believed to produce a more delicate mezcal.

    Agave Source: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca; "Capital Mundial Del Mezcal" – mezcal capital of the world

    Agave: 100% Estate Espadín

    Cooking Method: Roasted in a stone lined, earthen pit heated by locally sourced black oak. When the fire goes out and the stones are hot, the agave is piled in the pit and buried. The smoky agave piñas are ready after 5 days.

    Crushing Method: Tahona (grinding stone)

    Fermentation: Native yeast fermentation in pine vats; 8-12 days

    Distillation: Twice distilled

    Still Style: 500-liter, wood fired copper alembic pots

    Water Source: Deep well

    Tasting Notes: Del Amigo has aromas of roasted agave and clay. The taste is a mixture of sweet BBQ, spice, and fresh rain. It has a round mouthfeel and medium body with a clean finish and medium acidity.




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