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    Dead Reckoning PX 9.5-Year Rum Barbados/Foursquare


    Dead Reckoning PX 9.5-Year Rum Barbados/Foursquare

    Dead Reckoning helmed by its captain Justin Boseley, sits at the focal point of Australia's rum scene as the first local independent bottler - of both rums abroad and rums made in Australia. With an incredibly diverse range of rum distilleries, we're fast becoming a scene that many are excited about.

    Dead Reckoning has also added their own unique touch by aging rums within Australia, allowing the climate down under to create its own influence, and also through the use of locally source wine and fortified wine barrels, that are again unique to Dead Reckoning.

    This single cask, triple–matured, pure rum – no less than 9 and a half years old – is a mix of FourSquare pot and column distilled spirit – tropically matured in Barbados for 8 years in ex-bourbon then transported to Adelaide for “Australian dry ageing’. Six months in a Spanish Pedro Rodriguez, PX Sherry cask and then a further 12 months in a high-char ex-bourbon barrel to tame the tannins from the sherry cask.

    Nose: Butterscotch, caramel, toffee, apple plums, raisins, and figs

    Palate: Unmistakable, foursquare flavour, butterscotch, toffee, apple pan melted Demerara sugar, topped with ripe and ready, raisins and figs, a hint of walnut

    Finish: Nice and bold. Easily long enough to chat about it with your drinking buddy. Lots of stewed fruit, caramel, vanilla and a lingering spice that really warms.




    Producer Dead Reckoning


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