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    Oka Kura "Bermutto" Japanese Sweet Vermouth


    Oka Kura "Bermutto" Japanese Sweet Vermouth

    A Japanese phonetic spelling of vermouth, “Bermutto” is an aromatized sake fortified with shochu. Like a classic sweet red vermouth, “Bermutto” begins with a low-proof fermented alcoholic beverage, which is then bittered with wormwood, flavored with citrus and herbs, and fortified with a distillate. But while vermouth is built around a base of wine and typically fortified with a neutral distillate, Oka Kura “Bermutto” is made from Junmai sake and fortified with 100% rice shochu made with water from the Kura river, by the Tsutsumi distillery, which has produced shochu for over 140 years on the Kyushu island.

    Yomogi, a Japanese mugwort, is the primary bittering agent of “Bermutto,” in addition to the Japanese citrus fruits yuzu and kabosu, as well as sansho peppercorn and ume (green plum), which contributes bitterness and astringency to the blend. Sweetened with Okinawan raw cane sugar, “Bermutto” is great on its own or with a Japanese gin, or be adventurous and try pairing it with sushi or sashimi. 18% ABV.




    Producer Oka Kura


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