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    Cascina Oschiena Carnaroli Rice "Classic"

    Cascina Oschiena Carnaroli Rice "Classic"

    Cascina Oschiena is a one-of-a-kind rice producer and biodiversity champion headed by Alice Cerutti in the region of Piedmont, Italy. Classic Arborio, Classic Carnaroli, and farro are just some of the ancient grains they grow on their land, 25 hectares of which have been turned into a nature preserve (where the migratory bird Blacktailed Godwit that inspired their logo can often be found). They practice the historical method of rice farming through flooding, using a gravity-based system of funneling naturally flowing water from the nearby mountains to flood their fields and replenish the groundwater. Their ancient varieties of rice are soft-milled and unaged. Cascina Oschiena is a member of the ECORice project. For Alice and Oschiena, growing rice means being a steward of the environment. Taste the difference yourself!

    Carnaroli is a classic variety of rice, with a tapered and pearled grain and ideal for the best preparations of risotto. It maintains a firm texture while cooking. The “Classic” distinction guarantees this is an ancient variety of Carnaroli, and Cascina Oschiena is one of only five farms in Italy to do so.




    Producer Cascina Oschiena


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