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    Bordiga Vermouth di Torino Rosso (375ml)


    Bordiga Vermouth di Torino Rosso (375ml)

    Bordiga is different from many of the vermouth labels sold today because they produce the vermouth themselves. They don’t buy it from a producer, and they’ve been producing quality vermouth for over a hundred years. The winery says, "Bordiga is a producer, not a label," and "Tradition is our present, and our future."

    The Bordiga Red Vermouth is based on white wine (Moscato) and the noble Piedmontese red wine (Nebbiolo). The Nebbiolo is sourced from the Conterno cellar and Barolo Bussia Vineyards. The wine is infused with a wide range of different botanicals, many of them grown in the Occitan Alps near the winery. This vermouth is truly exceptional on the rocks with an orange peel, delicious with some tonic water, and a great ingredient in all vermouth-based cocktails, especially the Martinez.

    Ingredients: Moscato, Langhe Nebbiolo, sugar, wheat alcohol, herbal infusions and aromatic plants, caramel

    Botanicals: Wormwood, lime, marjoram, mint, cinchona bark, cardamon, vanilla, carnation berries, gentian root, sage, citrus peel, fennel, coriander

    Production Details: Production takes between 40-45 days. The botanical flavorings are macerated in pure grain alcohol that has been distilled three times for purity. They are infused individually, not all together, because different botanicals have different requirements for the best extraction of essential oils. Once the infusion process is finished, the infusions are blended with the wine and real sugar (Italian or French beet sugar). The vermouth is then cold stabilized. In the old days, cold stabilization was achieved by moving the tanks outside during the winter, but nowadays is done in a refrigerated tank. The vermouth is bottled after a few days; after another month, it’s ready to drink.

    (Info courtesy of Cream Wine Company)




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