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    Whitcraft "Elle's Vineyard" Red Blend '21


    Whitcraft "Elle's Vineyard" Red Blend '21

    "2021 Elle’s Vineyard Cuvée is dedicated to the best dog I have had or knew, Terra. I had to show her terrible, mournful mercy after she woke up paralyzed one day. I had to do it during the 2021 harvest in September on a day where I got my most expensive pinot noir, thankfully my crew let me spend that day with her. I took her to the beach in a wagon, and by the winery to say bye to all her friends; her two favorite places to go with me because she loved people. Im still so wrecked. It wasn’t her time her front half still worked fine but she was too old for surgery. Shit just sucks sometimes. Never had a more aware dog. Aware of everything from noises to emotions, she was so sensitive. I feel so bad for Reggie who really thought she was his mama. If you see Reg give him a scratch, he only looks scary he is a very sweet dog though to people." 69% Trousseau,  17% Pinot Noir, 14% Gamay Noir




    Producer Whitcraft Winery


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