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    Vincent Roussely "Irréductible" Pineau d'Aunis '21

    Loire Valley

    Vincent Roussely "Irréductible" Pineau d'Aunis '21

    Light, bright, and fruity, Pineau d’Aunis is sometimes referred to as a variety that makes wines that are “glou-glou,” which is from the French word glouglou, which basically means what it sounds like: the noise made by the sound of wine quickly flowing from a bottle, often used to describe wines that are fresh and gulpable (the term is also used to refer to the gobbling noise made by a turkey).

    The name of the variety itself refers to the pine cone shape of the grape clusters, and it’s grown mostly around Tours in the middle of the Loire Valley, where it’s sometimes called Chenin Noir, though it has no relation to the white variety. Pineau d’Aunis is also overshadowed in the region by Cabernet Franc, with which it shares a similar crunchy fruit profile. But Pineau d’Aunis is less herbaceous and more red fruited, and lighter on the palate—lower in tannin, higher in acidity. “Irréductible” is aged for 12 months in clay amphora (qvevri), which allows for a more gentle exposure of the wine to oxygen, helping refine the texture and aromatics of the fruit.

    The variety is more often made into a rosé or blended into other wines to add a bit of a peppery kick, but “Irréductible,” made by fourth-generation winemaker Vincent Roussely, is all Pineau d’Aunis from certified organic vineyards. Showing how the lesser-known variety can sing on its own, “Irréductible" is a wine we love for its bright, crunchy fruit character and easy-drinking vibe.




    Producer Vincent Roussely


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