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    Thorne and Daughters "Menagerie" Grenache Blanc/Gris '20


    Thorne and Daughters "Menagerie" Grenache Blanc/Gris '20

    John and Tasha Seccombe started Thorne and Daughters Wines in 2012, in the Western Cape of South Africa, with an approach toward winemaking that is, in their words, “simple, honest, and gentle.” Working with old vineyard parcels and new grape varieties, they make wines that combine old-school simplicity and modern techniques, all in service to their goal of authentically expressing the terroirs of the Western Cape. “Menagerie” is a series of wines that is constantly evolving, reflecting their work with new vineyards, varieties, and techniques. 

    This bottling of “Menagerie” is made of a 50-50 blend of two vineyards, one an organically grown Grenache Blanc vineyard in Stellenbosch, the other a Grenache Gris on the lower slopes of the Voor Paardeberg mountain, on the boarder of the Swartland. For vinification, the grapes were destemmed and fermented separately, then aged in old French oak barrels. On the nose, the wine shows dried apricot, pear, and spiced apples, with notes of sourdough and almond.  There is a richness to the texture but it’s balanced by a fresh acidity. The wine is organic and vegan friendly. 


    South Africa


    Producer Thorne and Daughters


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