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    Tequila Arette "Artesanal" Añejo


    Tequila Arette "Artesanal" Añejo

    One of the oldest names in the history of making tequila is the Orendain family. Their distillery, called El Llano, is one of the oldest distilleries in the region that still produces tequila. It dates back to the early 1900s and is where Don Eduardo Orendain originally produced Tequila Orendain. The distillery is located in the Tequila city center and is a focal point of the town’s history. When Orendain’s production outgrew the facility in 1960, the family moved to a new distillery located behind Tequila Fortaleza. Still owning El Llano, Jaime and Eduardo Orendain, 3rd generation Orendain, started Tequila Arette in 1986. Eduardo is also a former Mayor of the town of Tequila. Eduardo's dedication to the tequila industry led him to be entrusted with the office of President of the National Chamber for the Tequila Industry (CNIT) twice (2003-2005 and 2012-2015).

    Tequila Arette is made from 100% estate agave from the Orendain fields surrounding the town of Tequila. An autoclave is used to cook the agave. A mechanical mill is used to shred the fibers. Fermentation occurs in open stainless steel tanks or stone vessels. A cultivated yeast strain is used, but the open air tanks allow wild yeast strains to join the fermentation. The tequila is double distilled in small batches.

    Agave Source:  Tequila Valley
    Agave Sugar: Tequilana Weber
    Cooking Method: Stone & Brick Ovens
    Crushing Method: Roller Mill
    Fermentation: 2x distilled
    Distillation:  Cement tank; Open-air
    Still Style: Stainless Pot with Copper Coil
    Water Source:  Deep well water
    Aging:  Aged for a minimum of 20 months in American oak.

    Tasting Notes: The Arette Artesanal line is made in small batches using only the heart of the Tequila distillate. Arette does not allow the heads and tails to re-enter the distillation process, thus creating a smooth, cool and sophisticated style of Tequila. This Artesanal Añejo's color is a pale amber brown. The nose shows citrus and exotic fruits with hints of dried grass. Almonds, walnuts and vanilla lead to a long finish with hints of black pepper. This is a very smooth, elegant and complex añejo.




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