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    Selvagrossa "Cuchén" Marche Bianco '21

    Selvagrossa "Cuchén" Marche Bianco '21

    What we adore about Italy is its ability to offer us wines that we have never tasted before. Anybody, even a well-versed wine person, is humbled by the staggering amounts of indigenous grape varieties that grow there. What we also love about Italy is that the wines mirror the people: authentic, passionate, full of life. As you know by now, we adore the Taddei family of Selvagrossa, a winery in the Marche region of Italy. Brothers Alberto and Alessandro Taddei farm just a handful of hectares of vineyard in and around the town of Pesaro, and this Adriatic-influenced region produces wines of incredible personality.

    We are so excited to release the new vintage of one of the best-value Italian white wines you can buy. “Cuchén” is made from the indigenous and rare Albanella grape, which is a specialty of the hills around Pesaro. Alberto is working with a small grower named Carota, whose vineyard is located in Roncaglia, a commune located just northwest of the city of Pesaro. Made famous by the Pinot Nero from Mancini, Roncaglia has very few vineyards, all of which are highly prized because of their proximity to the Adriatic sea. The 2021 “Cuchén” is so fresh, the type of wine you can easily finish a bottle of, even on your own. Notes of citrus and herbs, along with a hint of stone fruit. The palate is dominated by mineral notes, and the finish is long and vibrant.




    Producer Selvagrossa


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