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    Quinta do Romeu "Moinho do Gato" Douro Tinto '18


    Quinta do Romeu "Moinho do Gato" Douro Tinto '18

    In the northernmost reaches of the upper Douro Superior, the Menéres family founded the town of Jerusalém do Romeu and has been farming since the 1800s, where they make not only wine, but cork and olive oil. It is a transitional zone into the neighboring northern region of Trás-os-Montes. While Douro Superior is known to be very warm with little rain, Romeu is different as it lies so far removed in its northern reaches. Here you have cooler nighttime temperature, also with dry conditions and tons of elevation. In the wines, this is apparent through freshness and relatively lower alcohol percentages. In fact, the elevation found at Romeu lies in the way its vineyards are in a natural amphitheater. Looking out at the valley one gets to view the two rivers flowing through, vineyards that sit next to olive trees, forest, rocky outcroppings - a whole diverse ecosystem. The Menéres family has dedicated itself to organic viticulture, whether with its vines or its olive trees. They are certified organic, which is no small feat given the administrative hoops one has to go through. Not to mention the laborious work on such steep and rocky terrain! Quite an impressive feat. Both Craig and Hannah have visited Quinta do Romeu and we can attest not only to its beauty, but its remarkable situation that brings about wines of such elegance and finesse, full of character emanating all that it encompasses and the wonderful people behind it. "Moinho do Gato" is a co-ferment of traditional Douro grapes varieties, mainly Tinta Barroca, but also Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão, Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional. The grapes are fully destemmed before fermenting in traditional lagares, and finished by aging in cement tanks. If you had the wine last year, you might remember that this is a wine that is always super fresh and juicy. Boysenberry, fresh blue and dark fruit with hints of red plum. Relatively low tannins and bright acidity allows the wine to go down a little too easy. A completely and utterly satisfying summer red.




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