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    Monier Saint-Joseph Rouge '21

    Northern Rhône

    Monier Saint-Joseph Rouge '21

    A third-generation farmer in the lieu-dit of Brunieux, in the hills above Saint-Desirat, Jean-Pierre Monier is a standout producer in Saint-Joseph. The Northern Rhône is arguably where Syrah finds its most classic expression, and Monier’s wines embody the high-toned fruit and floral notes, as well as the savory character, that define the variety, especially from this northern zone of Saint-Joseph. In additional to his vineyards, he farms cherry, apricot, and peach orchards, all on gentle, higher-altitude slopes. From 1977 to 2001, Jean-Pierre—who has been described as having a quiet conviction—sold his fruit to the local cave cooperative in Saint-Désirat, but his vines were producing fruit of such notable quality that he began to bottle wines under his own label. 

    Monier has practiced biodynamic farming since 1996, and his wines undergo natural vinification. Heavily influenced by the teaching and research of the German biodynamic guru Maria Thun, Jean-Pierre earned certification in 2006. With so little vineyard land, he began working and combining resources with Philippe Perréol starting with the 2008 vintage. Perréol works according to the same practices as Monier. They currently have three labels, depending on vineyard origin and legal reporting requirements: Domaine Monier, Domaine Perréol, and Domaine Monier-Perréol.

    For the red winemaking, the grapes are 100% destemmed and fermented in temperature-controlled cement cuves. Daily pumpovers and punchdowns are carried out. The wines age for one year in tonneaux.




    Producer Domaine Monier


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