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    Kaesler "Stonehorse" Grenache/Mourvèdre/Shiraz '12

    Kaesler "Stonehorse" Grenache/Mourvèdre/Shiraz '12

    With a century worth of history and original vines planted in 1893, Kaesler Wines were born from these ancient, dry grown vineyards in the Barossa Valley.  The Kaesler family were Silesian (current day Poland and Czech Republic) pioneers who settled in Australia.  Since then, the winery has transformed into something greater - a sustainable farm at the helm of its current ownership lead by Australian winemaker Reid Bosward. Their farming method is highly sustainable, where they thrive off of vines ranging from 1893,1899, 1930 and the 1960’s, providing the backbone of these intense wines that they thrive off of today.  Their flagship varietals, as featured in this "Stonehorse" blend are Grenache, Mataro (Mourvédre in France) and Shiraz.  The wine is aged for 12 months in older oak, as to emphasize emphasize fruit characteristics with complemantary barrel maturation.  The Grenache contributes soft aromatics and flavors, Shiraz some palate spine and a bit of spice and the Mourvèdre lends breadth and depth.  Being so far removed from the rest of the world has made Australia capable of featuring such concentration and depth, highly attributed to the age of their vines, plus constant room for cultivation and innovation.  We can't wait to see what else this country has to offer.




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