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    Eido da Salgosa Rosal '22


    Eido da Salgosa Rosal '22

    Truth is, I'm a bit of an Albariño snob, so it is not often that we promote a new producer of the variety. I've visited the region many times over the years, and I have my short list of producers I believe to be the best. Past that list, the decline in quality is quite significant. Which makes finds like this one very exciting. 

    In 2014, partners Juan, David, and Manuel made their first wine on a whim, and they liked the results that they began taking winemaking more seriously, gradually increasing production. Now, a decade into their partnership, they are still considered a “microbodega,” with a total production of less than 20,000 bottles. Eido da Salgosa is in Tomiño, a modestly sized village just over the Minho River from Portugal. This is the heart of the O Rosal zone of the Rías Baixas appellation, the southernmost of the coastal growing areas. Their namesake wine is a varietal Albariño from the Sobrada vineyard, which has soils composed of granitic sand and some clay. 

    For the Albariño, the grapes are pressed directly and the must is cooled and decanted for 24 hours. After the fermentation, the wine rests on the lees for four months before bottling. 

    This is a very pure, citrus-focused Albariño, with notes of lime and grapefruit, and a touch of passion fruit. It is all balanced by that typical saline-mineral note that you would expect from a classic Albariño. This variety is one of the best to pair with seafood, in particular crab and langoustines.




    Producer Eido da Salgosa


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