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    Diamantis "Magoutes" Moschomavro '19

    Northern Greece

    Diamantis "Magoutes" Moschomavro '19

    You could be forgiven for being unfamiliar with Maschomavro, an indigenous Greek variety whose name translates to “black Muscat.” But you’d be better off for having tried this red wine made by Dimitri Diamantis, who is reportedly trying to bring the variety back from the dead. Judging by the wine in this bottle, we are happy to report that he is firmly on the road to a successful revival.

    The Diamantis winery is in Siatista, a town located in the arid, mountainous region of Macedonia, in northwestern Greece. One feature that distinguishes the area of Siatista from its neighbors is its soils, which are predominately limestone—said to give the wines a bit more lift and acidity, which this wine has in abundance—rather than clay. The high-elevation vineyards here benefit from cooling breezes, which also contribute to the freshness of the wines by helping the grapes maintain acidity. With minimal environmental stresses in the area, organic cultivation and a hands-off approach are natural choices.

    The wine-making at Diamantis is low intervention, and wine is fermented with native yeasts and undergoes élevage in stainless steel. The aromatics are beautifully balanced, as savory herbal notes temper zesty red fruit, while the tingling acidity and modest tannins lead to a lingering finish, perhaps surprising for a wine that seemed relatively light. This is another wine that struck us with its ability to convey elegance, freshness, and character, standing out as one of the best producers we’ve tried from this part of Greece.




    Producer Diamantis


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