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    Cinco Sentidos  "La Colección Mixteca Edición 2: Pichomel y Papalome"


    Cinco Sentidos "La Colección Mixteca Edición 2: Pichomel y Papalome"

    Cinco Sentidos is a representation of small-scale maestro mezcaleros that produce agave spirits with complex flavors. We select high-quality distillates that represent the various production processes, agave diversity, and traditions and talents of Mexico's master distillers of agave.

    This ensamble of two species of wild agave that were harvested in the Zapotitlan Salinas region of Puebla is a punchy mezcal with notes of tropical fruits. Masestro Mezcalero Atelo Ramirez and his wife Laura Arriaga crafted this small batch in a makeshift stainless steel and copper still that uses a clay “barro bruñido” cazuela made by Laura as the hat atop the boiling chamber. Despite its rustic origins, the result is as well-rounded, highly balanced mezcal that
    recalls fruit-flavored candies.

    Production Notes
    Distiller: Atelo Ramirez
    Region: Reyes Metzontla, Puebla
    Agave: Pichomel (A. Marmorata)
    and Papalote (A. Potatorum)
    ABV: 47.3%
    Milling: By hand with wooden
    Distillation: Double Distilled in hy-
    brid clay-steel-copper still
    Batch Size: 121 Liters (25 cases)

    Tasting Notes
    Aromas: Banana Runts, Tropical
    Fruits, Brie
    Palate: Bright, crisp and punchy, this
    mezcal has high tone green notes of
    pine and pirúl with a full, tropical
    fruity body that recalls Skittles.




    Producer Cinco Sentidos


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