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    Akashi Single Malt Whisky 3-Year Sake Cask


    Akashi Single Malt Whisky 3-Year Sake Cask

    Eigashima Shuzo (known as White Oak Distillery in Japan) is one of Japan's oldest family-run distilleries with centuries of beverage making experience. Situated just a stone throw's away from Osaka Bay in the fishing village of Akashi, the distillery enjoys a warm, coastal climate all year round, seeing the highest average temperatures and lowest annual rainfall out of all the Japanese distilleries. The operation is now run by its ninth generation, recently hiring their 7th full-time employee.

    "With Honesty" is the company's motto that is rooted in Eigashima's tradition and craftsmanship throughout the centuries. The renowned micro-distillery's dedication is the epitome of Japanese artistry, showing uncompromising standards for each drop of their beautiful products.

    Starting as a sake brewery during the Edo period, Eigashima Distillery has since expanded it's repertoire to include shochu, whisky, wine, umeshu (plum wine), and mirin. Eigashima obtained the nation's first whisky license in 1919, however they did not begin official production until small copper pot stills were installed in the early 1960s. Due to the small nature of the company, Eigashima dedicates certain seasons to distill their various spirits as the different liquors are produced by the same group of people. Eigashima distills whisky during the colder half of the year between September through March. As the popularity of Japanese whisky has increased over the years, the team has kicked the production time into overdrive, turning their five day work week into six and extending the season into Summer. As of 2017, Eigashima's production remains small, producing 48,000L a year with their two warehouses holding about 1,000 casks. An assortment of ex-bourbon, Oloroso sherry, brandy, and barley shochu casks are the main barrels for their core whiskies, however unique barrels of tequila, cognac, Konara and their own Eigashima Wine casks are reserved for specialty single-cask finishes.

    Akashi Sake Cask 3-Year is another fascinating cask release from the Eigashima Distillery. This singe malt whisky was aged in an American oak cask that had a rich, concentrated, sweet style of sake aged in it known as Kijoshu. Somewhat similar to a sherry or port, Kijoshu has the ability to stand up to American oak barrels and impart flavors never before expressed in whisky. This is truly an exciting one-of-a-kind release in the world of whisky.

    Walnut & vanilla on the notes with a hint of peat. The palate explodes with bittersweet orange, mixed fruit and then chocolate covered banana. The finish leaves gorgeous notes of black tea leaves and leather. Amazing whisky. This is probably one of the few bottles in existence in the retail world!




    Producer Akashi


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